Total Body Solution

The Total Body Solution is the only program in the industry with all the tools you need to help you achieve results. It combines our Team Training with proper nutrition from a Good Eats Meal Plan and results-tracking software for the ultimate end result; A happy, healthier new you.


Personal individualized training is the centerpiece of our results-driven program. This allows us to give our clients the attention required to keep them on track, and the instruction to achieve their individual goals. Through our one-on-one program, we can build a foundation through form and technique, coaching and accountability, and most importantly, a constantly evolving prioritization of exercise modalities based upon achieving their long-term goals.


Each Team Training class has its own program design to cater to everyone’s fitness levels; from a seasoned vet, to a brand new member to fitness, there’s something for everyone. The best part of this program is it is always changing and with change comes results. It starts with a foundation, teaching the functional training methods that include a stretch, dynamic warm-up and scaled workout. For a more advanced high-calorie workout, we introduce Burn featuring an intense fat burning workout.


Our clients have a variety of goals, but even if goals are similar the client is not. Results tracking becomes exceedingly more important in a results-driven program. We need to be able to gauge, through data, how diet and exercise are changing the clients body. Through Club-OS software, the trainer, sales rep, and client themselves can update and view their results tracking.


Diet alone may contribute to weight loss in the short-term, but in the long term weight loss is increased when diet AND physical activity are combined. This is the heart of the Good EATS Program, where fitness meets nutrition. Good EATS offers balance, variety, and moderation; the 3 pillars of good health.