Top 5 Exercises for Building Muscle

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For the many people out there that are trying to get healthy and lose weight, it can be incredibly frustrating to work hard at the gym every week but not see any results. You may ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong? What can I do to improve my workout? When will I start seeing results?” There are many ways to improve your workout and see results very quickly. Check out these 5 exercises that are great for building muscle.

One example of a great exercise (and a very underrated one) is squats. This is an excellent exercise for gaining muscle in your legs. This particular exercise targets your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings. With squats, like any other type of exercise, technique is very important. To get the most out of this exercise, it is very important to make sure that you are arching your back when from the time you pick up the weight until the time you place it back on the rack, otherwise you could risk injuring yourself. Your head also needs to be back, so you are looking directly in front of you. To execute this technique, you must simply squat down, as if you were squatting down to have a seat in a chair.

Another great way to build muscle is by doing deadlifts. There are two forms of this type of deadlift that you can perform. These are the conventional deadlift (which is best for beginners) and the sumo-deadlift. This exercise focuses on your grip strength, lower back, knee joints, hip joints, as well as leg muscles. To execute this particular exercise, begin by preparing the barbell. Then you must set your stance. If you are performing the conventional deadlift, set your feet so they are the same distance apart as your shoulder blades are. If you are performing a sumo-deadlift, stand with your feet very wide apart with your arms inside of your knees. Squat, grasp the bar, and lift. You have successfully done your first deadlift!

Straight Leg Deadlift
The straight leg deadlift is another type of deadlift that will successfully allow you to gain muscle mass. This type of exercise focuses on your hamstrings. Like other deadlifts, your technique is important. Also, it is important to keep your lower back arched, head back, and chest up. For executing this, use a fifteen inch grip. When you let the weight down, stick your butt out and bend at the hips for the best possible results.

Bench Press
Bench presses are also a guaranteed way to build muscle. The bench press exercises the upper body, including the pectorals and triceps as well as several muscles in your chest. To correctly execute a bench press, begin by making sure your eyes are directly underneath the bar. It is also important to have your feet planted firmly on the ground. Then you must achieve the perfect grip. The best way to grip the bar is to have it resting on the heel of your hand. When you lift the bar, it should follow the same path, up and down. Lower the bar to mid-chest level and press up and slightly back.

Military Press
This exercise works out your shoulder muscles. To perform this exercise, your arms must be perpendicular with the bar, with your arms the same width as they would be during a bench press. Keep your lower back and bottom pressed to the seat, and lift. You have performed your first military press.