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7 Steps to Your Swimsuit Body

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Swimsuit BodyNow is the time to start getting ready for swimsuit season and working on a rocking swiimsuit body- especially if you want to look and feel your best! Make slow, steady strides toward increasing activity, strength training, and eating cleanly to spring into summer later.

Take these seven steps now, and have your best swimsuit body this summer:

Make a Commitment to Change to spur Motivation

Step 1: The first step in your journey should be a commitment to change. Consider signing a ‘commitment contract’, which has been shown to aid in motivation toward goals. This tangible reminder of your dedication to implementing new habits, eating healthier, and working out can prevent relapse and complacency after the initial inspiration to change wanes.

Join a Gym to Reach Your Fitness Foals Faster

Step 2: The second step should be to join a gym. Even if you have access to equipment at home or plan to incorporate independent exercise into your daily regimen, joining a gym will help you reach your fitness goals much faster- and with the support of your fellow gym-rats. Plus, there is an educational component to working out in a gym-atmosphere, as you learn about different machines, sports, or fitness facts from the staff, trainers, and other members.

Clean Your Cupboard of Unhealthy Temptations

Step 3: It is time to clean out your kitchen cupboards, pantry, and fridge, and rid the home of any unhealthy temptations that could be lurking. Spring clean and de-clutter the cabinets and cupboards, and re-stock the home with only nutritious, healthful food options. Consider the benefits of a healthy meal-delivery service to keep you on track during busy worknights, or weekends when you want to spend time with your family.

Join Group Fitness Classes to Help Stay Motivated

Step 4: Check out the schedule at your gym and engage in group fitness activities for motivation as you proceed along your path to a healthier you. Enroll in a class, learn a new activity, or join a team to become re-inspired about fitness and nutrition.

Use a Personal Trainer to Progress Your Goals

personal trainer

Step 5: If you feel your motivation declining, enlist the help of a trainer. Your gym likely has trainers available for scheduling, often at a nominal charge. This serves to provide accountability, and the bond between trainer and client can make a huge impact on your progress toward reaching specific goals.

Incorporate Cardio with Strength Training

Step 6: Cardio isn’t enough; make sure that you are incorporating resistance-training and low-impact activities into your workout. For example, swimming will give you the lean silhouette that you want in your summer apparel and swimsuit, while working muscles that you may have overlooked.

Track Results to Monitor Your Goals

Step 7: It is important to track your progress in order to measure your results. This can significantly affect your continued inspiration and diligence when you plateau or feel like you aren’t getting to your goal quickly enough. Being able to see your progress, through a food diary, weight journal, or work-out notes can remind you of how far you have come.

Commit to change and adopt these seven strategies into your everyday life now. Make sure to track and measure results so that you will be able to identify where you may want to work harder, and how long it took to get where you are. Reward your successes with new fitness gear, an outfit, or an adventure that you have always wanted to explore!