Stay Committed to your New Years Resolution

How to Stay Committed to your New Years Resolution to get fit

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Stay Committed to your New Years Resolution

Are you sticking to your resolution? It is discouraging to hear that approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the second week of February. Don’t let your goal of getting fit and eating healthy end up being a statistic; make a game plan to stick to your resolution with some simple, tactical strategies.

Take control and stay on track with these tips:

Make realistic resolutions.

Don’t sabotage your success by setting unrealistic goals. Make sure that you make your resolutions both realistic and reachable, which can help you maintain motivation for the larger aim of getting and staying fit. Make sure that your resolutions are measurable and specific, and figure out a timeframe for completion. Leaving goals open-ended can cause procrastination at working to achieve what you set out to do.

Take things a day at a time.

When you set your start-date, focus on that day only. Get in your workout, try to make the best choices possible, and try to resist temptations that could make you stray from your resolve for this day- without worrying or dreading tomorrow, or the day after that.

Hire a trainer.

Hiring a personal trainer provides a sense of accountability, or someone to help keep you on the straight and narrow when it comes to meeting your workout goals. Class workouts can also provide this type of accountability among other members and peers.

Create new ways to cope.

Focus on honing positive coping strategies for times of stress, such as calling a supportive friend or taking a brisk run. Make a plan ahead of time to help keep you from derailing your diet during duress.

Focus on the positive.

Try to maintain positivity and optimism during this process. Think about how your efforts are making you healthier, and how great you will look by this time next year. Consider all your food and training options, and count yourself lucky. Enjoy feeling your body get stronger and leaner as you work toward getting fit.

Challenge yourself.

To stay inspired, challenge yourself from time to time. Dare yourself to meet goals, like walking a certain number of miles or doing 25-squats every time you use the bathroom. Prove to yourself that you can do it, and seek new, healthy ways to challenge yourself regularly. This can work wonders with self-confidence, too; you may find that you feel stronger and more in-control when you achieve these challenges that you set for yourself.

Keep things interesting.

New workouts, equipment, or even apparel can put some pep in your step and make you feel a renewed sense of motivation. If you find yourself dreading your usual workout, you may be bored and could use something new and invigorating. Join a gym, buy a new bike, or start a new walking plan to keep things fresh and interesting.

Reward yourself.

Make sure that you reward yourself for hitting milestones along the way. Try to make the rewards healthy options, such as new apparel, dining at a chic vegan eatery, or treating yourself to a spa treatment.

Make this the year that you stick to your resolution to get fit and feel your best. use these strategies to adhere to your workout goals in 2017! Take steps to set yourself up for success, such as hiring a trainer and rewarding yourself for achieving milestones as you work toward your goal to get fit.