Spinning Classes Westbury, Long Island

Spinning classes in Westbury feature several stationary “spinning bikes” in a group fitness setting that is designed to be fun, energetic and effective. Millions of people around the world have jumped on the spinning bandwagon as the cardio exercise machines are shown to burn calories as well as build muscle and tone the body.

Spinning strengthens the muscles of the lower body, toning the quadriceps and hamstrings, along with working the back and hips.

Core Movements

Spinning consists of five core movements that each work a different part of the lower body and focus on different leg muscle groups.

Seated Flat

This is the most basic movement in the spinning program and is designed to build strength, stamina and a strong fitness base.

Seated Climb

The seated climb generally consists of an increased resistance and challenges the lower body. This position targets the glutes and hamstrings.

Standing Flat

This upright, standing position is performed with light to moderate resistance. This position targets the core muscle groups to stabilize the body and improve leg speed and increase endurance.

Standing Climb

The standing climb is designed to stimulate an uphill climb and strengthens and defines the leg muscles.


Also known as lifts, jumps are a combination of seated and standing involving smooth, controlled movement. Jumps develop overall strength, timing and balance by utilizing the muscles used to shift from the seated to standing position and back.

Spinning Long Island

Many spinning classes are coached with music so that riders can synchronize their pedaling to be in time with the rhythm of the music. Your Sweat New York spinning instructor will ensure proper technique and form and help you to maintain a fitness regime that is consistent with your fitness level.

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