Skip the Diet Trends and Stay Motivated for Healthy Weight Loss

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Today, the diet industry is experiencing a major increase in sales as people who are desperate to get in shape are jumping on the latest fad diets that promise fast weight loss and instant results. Although fitting into that swimsuit in only a few short weeks may be tempting, the truth is that the majority of these diets never deliver on their promises. Even worse, many of the latest diet trends can be dangerous for a person’s health if they are continued for a long period of time. For those who are seeking to lose weight and get in shape, it is important to be able to understand why these diets are scams so a person can focus on staying motivated to do the hard work that truly will improve their physical health.

Popular Diet Scams
Diet trends may come and go; however, the majority of them will fall into one of several categories. Among these categories, metabolism-boosting pills made from herbal ingredients are one of the most popular. For many people, the herbs included in the pill lead them to believe that they are safer because they are made with natural ingredients. Unfortunately, many of these herbs, such as ephedra and kava, have been linked to serious health problems in those who use them for weight loss. Herbal teas are another diet trend that uses this same claim of natural ingredients that generally do little more than fill a person’s stomach up with fiber or use caffeine as a diuretic.

Cleanses abound in the diet world, and many people have jumped on the Master Cleanse trend. With this diet, a person consumes a concoction of maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper before taking an herbal laxative at night. This diet, along with single-ingredient diets, can have some impact upon weight loss due to the low-calories involved; however, any weight loss incurred is always temporary.

Why Trendy Diets are Ineffective
Despite their dangers, trendy diets may offer some people a fast way to lose weight; however, they are all ineffective for maintaining one’s physical health over a long period of time. This is due to the dangers that are involved with using herbal supplements that are not approved for weight loss. Additionally, the majority of these diets are impossible for a person to follow over a long-term period in their everyday lives. For example, fat-blocking pills often cause uncomfortable symptoms that include diarrhea and bloating that will interfere with a person’s normal activities.

Staying Motivated for Healthy Weight Loss
When searching for a better way to get in shape, it is best to find healthy ways to eat nutritious meals while also getting enough exercise each day. By reducing the amount of calories a person consumes each day and increasing the amount of calories they burn, anyone can lose weight safely over time. Eating well-balanced meals will also help to eliminate the starvation factor that occurs when a person attempts to adhere to a strict diet that is a primary cause for binge eating.

Understanding why the latest diet trend will not work is important for being able to recognize that hard work and motivation is essential for improving one’s physical health. Everyone’s body is different. Therefore, it may be necessary for a person to find the right eating and exercise plan for their body type. Then, they will be able to maintain their new, healthy diet so they can achieve their fitness goals without the unnecessary risk involved with jumping on the latest diet trend.