How Resistance Training Plays a Role in Lifelong Health and Well-being

Big Al's Workout Advice

There is compelling evidence that maintaining a strength training regimen throughout the lifespan prevent many age-related impairments and overall physical decline. In fact, individuals that participate in regular resistance and strength training exhibit benefits that not only provides the benefits of an active lifestyle, but that help them stay mobile and moving as they ebb into their senior years.

Some ways that resistance training can enhance your life are:

Injury prevention. If you want to prevent a nasty fall, strength training will help you increase your flexibility which directly impacts your mobility and range of motion. Deterioration in these areas are generally to blame for the accidents and falls that cause injury yearly among seniors.

Improved balance. You lose muscle strength each year, especially after the age of 20. Strength training is the only way to build-back that muscle which manifests in an improved sense of balance, too.

Chronic pain relief. Strength training is an endorsed way to relieve and alleviate pain associated with chronic conditions, including osteoporosis and arthritis. Strength training appears to help many individuals that suffer from chronic back pain, too.

Lowers blood-pressure. Research shows that strength training can lower the individual’s resting blood-pressure and heart-rate. While blood pressure may increase during the time of the workout, the lasting effect result in a healthier blood-pressure level.

Weight loss. Strength resistance training is an effective part of a weight-loss plan for individuals at any age, when used in accordance with a healthy diet and doctor’s supervision.

Diabetes management. Those that struggle with diabetes may find that adding strength training to their daily regimen helps them better-control the symptoms, while also contributing to their weight-loss goals.

Elevated mood. Regular physical activity increases the production of serotonin, which is a chemical in the brain that triggers feelings of wellness and happiness. Furthermore, regular exercise can increase self-esteem and boost your feeling of self-confidence.

Talk with your trainer about how to add resistance training activities to your daily routine. Some simple and often-overlooked exercises include:

  • Squats
  • Arm raises
  • Leg lifts
  • Planking

No special equipment is needed, although there are some innovative options in exercise equipment currently available. Consider the many benefits of resistance training throughout your lifespan when you visit the gym right now!