Pilates Classes Westbury, Long Island

Pilates classes in Westbury from Sweat New York are designed to improve muscle tone, balance musculature, support correct posture and strengthen the mind and body. We offer pilates classes twice a week along with a multitude of other group fitness classes.

Pilates exercises have been shown to improve range of motion, flexibility, circulation, and abdominal pain. In addition to all these benefits they have also been shown to decrease pain in the back, neck and joints. These popular exercises, designed to develop the body’s core, are highly popular in the U.S. as witnessed by the more than 11 million Americans who participate in pilates classes all over the country.


Pilates were developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the early 20th century. As the developer was a sickly child plagued with asthma and rickets, he sought to find a way to remedy his poor health. Joseph Pilates went on to study ancient Greek exercise and mediation fundamentals of the Asia’s, seeking a combination of a strengthening of the mind and body. The result of his studies was a system of exercises he called “contrology,” fusing together elements of intense concentration centered on a strong core and focused breathing.

Principles of Pilates

Pilates consist of six fundamental principles:

  • Concentration– this involves intense focus while exercising to ensure smooth movements
  • Control– all pilates exercises are done with controlled muscle movements
  • Centering– in order to achieve control, the practitioner is taught to attain control of their center—abs, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks and inner thighs
  • Flow– the transitions of the exercises are intended to flow within and into each other to build strength and stamina
  • Precision– in pilates it is believed that you will gain more strength from a few energetic, concentrated efforts than from a 1,000 listless, sluggish movements
  • Breathing– the practice of proper full inhalation and complete exhalation

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