Make Time for the Gym

How Busy Professionals Can Make Time for the Gym

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Make Time for the Gym

It seems that there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish all that is expected. However, when it comes to working out, you may have to get creative to find time for fitness.

Start thinking about your time at the gym as something that is a priority, and that is as important as any other daily commitment.

Some ways to carve out time in your busy schedule to hit the gym are:

  • Make a written plan. A tactile list or schedule can help make time to work out as well as inspire you to get it done. Post this on the fridge, your desk, or wherever you are apt to see it each and every day.
  • Prepare the night before. Get your gear ready the night before: lay out clothes, pack your bag, and fill your water bottle to prepare for your work out the next day. This can also provide a sense of satisfaction and help to prioritize your time at the gym.
  • Commit to a trainer. Sign up or enlist the services of a trainer at your gym. These professionals are used to inspiring and motivating busy folks to get fit, so you will have yet another reason to squeeze in your workout. Some trainers may offer hours that fit well with your busy schedules, such as late night, early morning, or weekend workouts.
  • Sign up for a class. Pack a lot of fitness in a short amount of time with a rigorous class. Sign up for something like kickboxing or extreme cardio to get in several days’ worth of workouts in a 20-30 minute class once or twice a week.
  • Turn it into a social thing. Start meeting friends or potential suitors at the gym. This will give you another reason to work out while also serving as double-duty for your social commitments. Have family meet you at the smoothie bar to catch-up or arrange a date around your workout.
  • Use the time to catch up on viewing. Treat yourself to watching your favorite TV shows on the gym screens while working out; this will cut down on the time you spend watching television at home while treating you to something you enjoy while rowing, walking on treadmills, or lifting weights. This private time and guilty pleasure will inspire you to make time to hit the gym!
  • Get up a half-hour earlier. Start making a habit of getting up a half-hour earlier. This will allow you ample time for a quick workout before the day begins. This is typically a favored time slot as it can set a healthful tone for the day and keeps many individuals on track when they have busy work or family schedules.
  • Bring family members along. Recruit family members to start working out with you. Get your teen to join the gym and enjoy working out together before you drop them off at school. Or, get your spouse on board by meeting them there at the end of the work-day. It can be a great bonding experience!
  • Enlist some help at home. Explain to family and cohorts your desire to stay on track with fitness goals and get some help at home. Ask your kids to make dinner a couple nights a week or ask your partner to give children a ride to daycare or school so you can work out. Most family members will be happy to help you pursue your health-oriented goals if you ask.

Working out and staying healthy should be a priority, but unfortunately, busy lives and hectic schedules can sometimes get in the way. Start thinking of tactful and clever ways to carve out time to get your workout in, without feeling stressed or pulled in other directions. Taking care of yourself and striving toward your own personal goals should be something that you make time for, even if you have to compromise elsewhere to fit it in.