Lil Al’s Academy- Kids Fitness Classes in Long Island

Lil’ Al’s Academy is a place where parents can bring their kids to help keep them fit and be social. We offer kids group activities, an outdoor play area and a staff that is trained in CPR and emergencies. Drop off your kids after school or bring them with you while you workout. There is comfort in the knowledge that your kids will be having a good time, will be getting exercise and will be under the supervision of our dedicated staff.

Amityville Lil Als

Ages: 2-12

Open: 7 days a week

Contact: (516) 478-5800

Big Al’s Family Fitness is committed to your kid’s health and fitness! Healthy. Strong. Kids.

First of all, the bad news, 1 in 6 kids suffer from childhood obesity. Almost 1 in 4 are considered overweight according to the Department of Health.

You’ve given a strong foundation to your little one. Let us help build on it at Lil Al’s, where fitness comes first and where fitness is fun!

Now, the good news. Through your example, your child has already learned the benefits of proper eating and exercise. It’s grown ups like you, reinforcing positive habits who help children understand the importance of healthy living.

Even better news! The next step is the simplest of all! With Lil Al’s schedule, you can be sure that your little one will not only get proper exercise, but will also understand how exercise is benefiting their development. Through caring instructors and productive activities, your child will be more aware of their personal development than you ever dreamed possible!

Kids Fitness Long Island


Did you know that children who are physically fit and active often perform better in the classroom than those who aren’t? It’s true, kids who are active have a better chance of doing better in school than those who are inactive. Studies show that physical activity increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain and helps boost the brain’s center of learning and memory.

Why Is Fitness So Important to Kids?

Fitness is one of the best ways to help fight childhood obesity in America. In fact, one in six kids suffer from childhood obesity partly because they are inactive and because of poor diets. While we as parents can do our part to make our kids eat better at home, we sometimes have to try a little harder to make them enjoy fitness- even if it means they don’t know they are exercising.

What Are the Benefits of Fitness for Kids?

Higher Grades– Studies show that children who spend more time being active have better grades and do better on standardized tests.

Better Sleep– Kids who are more active during the day tend to sleep better at night. Sleep is important for kids because it helps them to recharge and be more aware at school.

Social Skills– In the right environment, kids are more prone to establish their social skills than they would alone or if they were left in front of the television. A children’s fitness program is one of the few times during the day where kids can interact with one another without the focus of their day being solely on education.

Good Habits– Implementing a physical fitness regime into a child’s life instills a desire for a child to be active for their lifetime. Exposing a kid to different activities when they are young helps them stay physically active as adults.

Learn more about fitness classes by calling the number below.

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