Koga Group Fitness Classes Westbury, Long Island

Koga is a workout routine that combines elements of kickboxing and yoga to create a fun, effective workout suitable for all ages. Koga incorporates isometric, plyometric, strength and conditioning, core, cardio, balance and breathing training into a workout set to upbeat music that combines creates a mind, body and spirit workout experience.

Koga is a highly popular workout routine and has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show as well as in Shape Magazine and other popular publications. It builds off of the success of yoga but combines additional elements that the founders fused together to help participants increase flexibility, balance, and strength. Koga is great for relieving stress too, and any of your daily troubles are often forgotten as soon as you begin the class.

Burn Calories

Koga has been shown to help participants burn a ton of calories while sculpting and toning their bodies. When done correctly, some individuals have burned as many as 1200 calories in a single session! In perspective, walking only burns about 200 – 500 calories per hour compared to nearly double that for Koga.

Any One Can Join

Koga is not limited to individuals of any particular fitness abilities. The length of the workouts can be adjusted as can the variations of the yoga and kickboxing poses. Our Westbury Koga instructors will help individuals of all skill levels to work on their technique so that they get the best results possible while ensuring that they have fun in the process.

What Do I Need to Start?

Part of the fun with Koga is that no workout equipment is required. Like in yoga, you use your own body weight to build strength and flexibility. You just need to show up for the classes and get ready to sweat and have a good time!

How Do I Join?

Koga classes are only available to our Sweat New York members. Our memberships start at as little as $10 a month and give you access to all kinds of gym amenities. We also offer a ton more group fitness classes that are sure to keep you in shape and keep you coming back.

Koga Long Island

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