indoor workout ideas

Indoor Workout Ideas: Workouts when you simply can’t get outside

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The weather can really wreak havoc with your regular workout routine; be sure to have a back-up plan for times when the weather doesn’t seem to cooperate. There are many effective strategies that can be used during any weather or time of year, and that will keep you on-track to meeting your own fitness goals.

indoor workout ideas

Consider these indoor workout ideas to keep you fit when you simply can’t get outside:

Make the most of your bike. There are a number of ways to get in a workout- from the comfort of home. Pull your old bike out of storage and invest in a stationary converter or stand to turn it into your indoor workout device. This will ensure you get year-round usage from your outdoor bicycle!

Go military. You have probably heard of boot-camp workouts; these typically involve calisthenics and resistance training, without the benefit of fancy workout equipment. Check out some of the exercises and moves implemented in a military-style workout, and create your own variation to get fitness in during any type of weather.

Add some equipment. Invest in a great piece of exercise equipment. Some key things that experienced athletes and consumers look for in exercise devices are ease, convenience, and versatility, so be sure to read online equipment recommendations and reviews to find the best device for your distinct fitness needs and personal preferences.

hire a personal trainer

Join a gym. If you are not a member of a gym, why not? These are the perfect place to work out, year-round, and in any type of weather. Plus, you get the added benefit of networking with other trainers and members to discover new ways to reach your fitness goals and get a good workout.

Hire a trainer. Trainers are professionals with some tricks up their sleeves; these experts will be able to demonstrate various techniques, tactics, and workouts for inclement weather and adverse situations. A personal trainer may also be the kick-in-the-pants that you need to get going on a not-so pleasant day.

fitness tracker

Keep track of your steps. Fitness trackers can inspire you to use the stairs, park further away, and even march around the office in order to meet your daily goals. The combination of technology and your own sweat equity makes it feasible to gauge progress and mark success as you work toward your goals.

Don’t let foul weather be the reason you don’t reach your fitness goals. Plan on some alternative strategies to get your workout in, during any weather, season, or situation. Consider these ideas to expand your normal routine and to ensure you have an effective workout, despite what it is doing outside.