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Big Al’s introduces Team Training: do you want results, accountability and an incredible workout?  As a unique component of our Total Body Solution at Big Al’s, Team Training was designed to keep our members accountable and to get RESULTS. Each class has its own program designed to cater to everyone’s fitness levels from a seasoned veteran to a brand new member to fitness.  The best part of this program is that it is always changing and with change comes RESULTS!!

In our Team Training program we focus on four different types of workouts: foundation, burn, strength and specialty. These workouts take your principal strength and conditioning to a higher level with an elite program dedicated to improve endurance and functional performance potential. Each session is led by one of our personal trainers who will motivate and instruct you to see results!

Four Team Training Options

HIIT TrainingFoundation– The most entry-level of the classes, Foundation Team Training is a great way to enjoy the personal training element for novice enthusiasts.

Burn– Burn is a great option for those of you who enjoy High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Training)– great fat burning workouts that get your heart rate going.

Strength- If you are interested in building strength, muscle and endurance, the Strength Team Training class is for you.

Specialty- Specialty Team Training classes combine a unique blend of cardio, core, and upper and lower body workouts for the well-rounded athlete.

Team Training Summary

It all starts with our foundation program teaching the basics of functional training methods that include a stretch, dynamic warm up and workout scaled to everyone’s fitness level. For a more advanced high calorie workout we introduce our Burn, featuring a stretch, dynamic warm up and a high intense fat burning workout that elevates your heart rate. For our fitness buffs that want to stay more with the strength component of the program we introduce the Industrial Strength class that gives you a program based to get you to reach the strength goals without hitting any plateau.  Last but not least will be our Specialty class that are unique to our brand and will include Boxing, TRX and specialty Kettlebell classes.

Tabata Training in Long Island

Much of the Team Training at Big Al’s is modeled after what is called “Tabata Training.” Tabata Training was named for Japanese scientist, Dr. Izumi Tabata, and a team from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. Dr. Tabata and his colleagues conducted research on two groups of athletes to determine workout effectiveness: the first group trained at a moderate intensity level for five days a week for six weeks, at one hour workouts. The other HIIT Training group trained four days a week for six weeks with workouts lasting only four minutes and 20 seconds with little rest between sets.

After analyzing the results from each group, the studies on Tabata’s high intensity interval training were revealing:

  • The group that worked out more often and for longer had gains in cardiovascular abilities but little to none in muscular (anaerobic) ability.
  • The high intensity interval group showed significant gains in their cardiovascular abilities and their muscular (anaerobic) ability.

Big Al’s Team Training takes some of the interval training (HIIT Training) methodologies made famous by the Tabata workout. While our sessions last longer than 4:20, you will experience exercise routines that challenge you to push yourself for short periods of time followed by short periods of rest, then more intense exercise. The results come quick and are great for anyone who is looking to improve their level of fitness or strength.

Team Training at Amityville and Westbury

The Team Training program is available at both our Amityville and Westbury locations. Inquire about Team Training at the front desk for the most recent schedule and to sign up.