healthy lifestyle during vacation

9 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle During Vacation

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healthy lifestyle during vacation

Make your vacation a springboard into a healthier lifestyle when you get home

If you are challenged with making healthy lifestyle changes, try taking a vacation! Time away is ideal for evaluating your goals and taking strides toward new habits. Enjoy your vacation but use it as a springboard to a better version of you!

Some ways to jump-start a healthy lifestyle during your vacation are:

  1. Bring your gear. When packing for your trip, don’t forget to bring your workout gear. Pack your favorite apparel, training shoes, and a reliable water bottle to get you in the mood to move!
  2. Count your steps. Invest in a decent pedometer to keep track of your steps while on vacation. There are approximately 2000 steps in one mile, so use this as a guide to maintain your activity when you get home.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Since you are on vacation, you might enjoy drinking soft drinks or imbibing in alcohol. Treat yourself, but make sure to drink plenty of water, too. This will help foster the habit for when your vacation time is over.
  4. Download motivational apps before you go. Load your phone or tablet with some motivational apps or a quick workout app before leaving on vacation. This can help to keep you on track when your inspiration fades.
  5. Look for active outlets. Focus on at least one physical activity or excursion while you are on vacation. This could be a hike, zip-lining, or even a brisk swim. Aim for something like this each and every day of your holiday.
  6. Do something extreme. Challenge yourself by trying something new while you are on your vacation. This can build confidence and help you to tackle your fitness goals later, when you get home.
  7. Limit your splurges. Certainly you will splurge while on vacation, but keep it in check. Treat yourself to something decadent, but don’t pig-out at every meal. This will also help prevent sluggishness or fatigue during your time away from home.
  8. Work on your tan. Everyone looks more defined with a bit of a tan, so work on yours during vacation. Don’t care for the sun? Try a bronzer or tinted body lotion to get a sun-kissed glow without the UV rays.
  9. Resolve to do better when you get home. Jot down your resolutions and make goals while you are vacationing, and start them the moment you get back home. Be realistic and figure in a reward system for a job well-done. For example, plan on going away to celebrate your accomplishments in one year.

A vacation is the perfect time to re-evaluate your fitness goals and to make goals toward healthier living. Use these tips to get motivated and inspired during your vacation to become a healthier version of yourself when you get home!