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Arms & Abs
Upper-body transformation challenging your bi’s, tri’s, shoulders and core!

A non-stop interval workout that combines strength, cardio & abs to shred fat, define muscle & condition for peak performance.

Bokwa ® is a new and completely different approach to group exercise that is rapidly spreading across the globe. Bokwa ® participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while performing an energizing and addictive cardio workout routine.

Boot Camp
Lose weight build lean muscle and improve your cardio level in this 45 minute bootcamp which includes martial arts and boxing drills included is a 15 minute killer ab workout.

Cardio Kickbox
If you are looking for a butt kicking workout, stop here! Improve your endurance and cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles & shred your abs. This is an energetic class set to upbeat music to make burning those calories FUN!

Cardio Strip
This fun class allows women to exercise with attitude. A stimulating alternative to regular fitness classes, while increasing your self-esteem and confidence and making you feel sexier and fit. Let’s get in shape and learn some new moves while we’re at it!

Hip Hop Funk
Fun, positive, energetic atmosphere using music that makes you feel good. You not only learn how to take every day simple dance moves to target body parts and burn calories, but learn a great routine. From 18-80, everyone loves the workout! Come join and dance like no one’s watching!

Hot Box Yoga
Adding heat (usually 80 to 85 degrees) allowing your body to relax and allow blood to flow more freely to the heart at the same time. Hot box will detox your body all over for a better well-being.


10 Minutes each of Plyo, Upper Body, Abs, and Lower Body.

Looking for Something a Little More Insane? Perform long bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with short periods of rest. Each workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your max.


  • Mixing Kick Boxing & Yoga
  • Two awesome workouts in one.
  • Taught by creator of Koga.
  • Get a toned and strong core.

Koga Heat
Koga Heat: A slow, controlled and intense Koga Fitness format, consisting of three 15 minute Koga Kata, Sun Kata, Life Kata & Moon Kata. Done in a heated room.

Koga Groove
If its Dance Fusion Fitness you crave then get your “Groovin” shoes on! Join professional choreographer, recording artist, NYC “Entertainer Of The Year” and co-creater Ali Damisi as he fuses together Freestyle Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Capoeira, and our patented Koga Fitness moves into the most groovy Dance Fushion Fitness based workout in the industry today. “Old school grooves meet new school moves”….. Enter Koga Grooves! No dance background needed for this format.

“K3” Koga Kombat Kontact
Feel like hitting something? Feel like destressing? Feel like getting into the best shape of your life? Then “K3” is for you. Put your kickboxing gloves on nice and tight and get ready for 3 kick butt 15 min rounds of Koga “K3.” “K3” is taking the MMA/Martial Arts world on by storm! This is NOT your typical group fitness kickboxing class. This is KOGA “K3”

Maximum Body Burn
Get an intense workout with the maximum body burn. This class includes military-style strength and aerobics training. The drills include cardio workouts, toning with weights, strength with military training and a full number of fat burning tools to get you closer to your dream body!

Strengthens your body and mind, and all you need is a mat! Pilates uses controlled movements in alliance with postural awareness. If you’re looking for a stronger core and back, flat belly, and overall lean muscle and flexibility, Pilates is the class for you.

A fun, challenging class fusing Pilates & yoga. You will burn calories, tone muscles, work on balance and get a great stretch!

Join the latest Hollywood celebrity fitness craze sweeping the nation! Piloxing uniquely mixes Pilates and Boxing into a fat-torching and muscle sculpting workout guaranteed to whip you into shape. Experience the transformation as you attain a sleek, sexy and powerful self-image.

PT Pit Stop
Check out what our personal training department is offering to help you get into the best shape of your life. Our PT director will help you fine tune your current workout and take you to your next level of fitness. Are you ready?

Features different modality of training with a certified personal trainer.

Sunrise Spin
Hey there all you early risers! Join our awesome spin class given early in the morning!

Silver Sneakers
Fitness, fun and friends through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of motion and activity for daily living. A chair is used for seated and standing support, along with light handheld weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a non-weighted ball. For adults in their sliver years!

Studio Spin
A cardio class that takes place on a stationary bike. It’s a high intensity workout designed to suit all fitness levels. Spinning is an excellent aerobic workout which tones the lower half of the body, while increasing aerobic ability, and burns some calories! *WE HAVE REAL RYDER BIKES TO CHALLENGE YOUR RIDE AND DEFINE YOUR CORE MUSCLES*

Total Body Sculpt
Full body training with functional movements, high reps, and supersets. BURN BABY BURN!

Totally Toned
An interval cardio and weight training workout that will focus on different areas of the body, including hips, butt, thighs, upper boy and core for a total body workout.

Turbo Jam
Rockin’ music, simple dance moves, athletic drills, high energy routines. It’s kickboxing with an edge!

Xpress Abs & Ab Attack
15 minute power class focusing strictly on your core.
Get that mid section into prime shape.

The latest fitness craze that uses a circuit format to give you a full-body workout through exercises designed to tone, tighten and whip you into shape!

Vinyasa Hatha Yoga, which is a combination of yoga postures sequenced together to give each student a stronger, more flexible, balanced way of life.
Breathing- the mindful breathing involved has been shown to improve lung capacity
Stress- even the most novice yoga students can experience feelings of relaxation through the meditation techniques of yoga
Concentration- many students report that yoga helps them to focus mentality and also puts them in a better mood
Heart- yoga has been shown to lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate
Aging- yoga has a positive effect on learning and the memory. It also has been shown to slow the aging process and improve energy levels

Yoga basics
Want to try a yoga class but not sure you can handle it? Try this mini yoga class that will give you a 15 minute taste of a full yoga class demonstrating poses using your mind & body and will also teach you breathing technique and postural alignment. Great class to relieve stress and detoxify your body.

30 minutes of unique exercises targeting all areas of your hips, thighs and abdomen.
Perfect class for those with a busy schedule.
Precisely geared for all levels.

Get your groove on! A non-verbal cuing workout inspired by Latin-based dance steps set to international music. What a fun way to get in shape!

Zumba Sport
Combines body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps while utilizing the principals of fitness training to maximize calorie burn & therefore create total body toning. Dance yourself fit!