Fusion workouts

The Benefits of Fusion workouts

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Fusion workouts

If you want to get more bang from your workout, consider kicking things up by adding another discipline to your routine. Trainers and trainees agree that fusion fitness is all the rage right now, and that it may be the quickest way to reach your fitness goals. Essentially, fusion fitness combines two different exercise disciplines into one beneficial and dynamic workout. The results can be amazing!

Why fuse? Fusion fitness allows you to enjoy the benefits of both disciplines of fitness, but in a concise and time-effective way. Plus, it brings something new to your routine- which may give you a sense of purpose and renewed inspiration!

Some cool fusion routines to consider include:

  • Running and strength-training.
  • Dance and strength-training.
  • Boxing and Pilates.
  • Rowing and yoga.

Some other reasons to fuse your fitness routines are:

The potential. The benefits of fusion fitness are compelling; merging these very different disciplines can give you twice the workout while spending the same time at the gym. As for the health advantages, depending on the disciplines that you fuse, enjoy these rewards:

  • Combining cardio and endurance-type workouts with training that will help sculpt your muscles will bring results faster.
  • Training with a yoga-component will help restore and cool-down muscle groups, which will optimize the time you spend working out.
  • Merge a high-intensity activity, like boxing, with something that is lower-intensity, such as Pilates. This is a great way to build-up core strength.

The perks. Want to free-up some time? How about reaching fitness goals faster? Fusion fitness fits in your normal workout time, but engages different disciplines so you see holistic benefits quick. Plus, these workouts tend to be dynamic and interesting, which may renew your motivation to get to the gym.

The support. Some of your gyms may already offer fusion classes, combing things like kick-boxing and yoga or spinning and strength training; take advantage of these opportunities and enjoy the inspiring, motivating environment that a group-class offers. It also merits repeating that you should work and talk with your trainer for an individualized workout plan that will provide the most benefit.

Consider integrating fusion fitness into your regimen; the results will inspire and motivate you to combine more disciplines of training into your daily routines. Work in collaboration with your gym staff and trainers to prevent injury and to put together a viable workout plan to help you reach your fitness goals, safely and effectively.