Five Steps to Senior Fitness

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Make senior fitness fun with these 5 steps.

Senior fitness can be a fun way to stay active and requires actionable goals, nutrition and persistent workout habits. Senior health is also important because it helps you to maintain and even improve heart health; cardiovascular disease is the biggest threat to seniors in the U.S. but can be prevented with diet and exercise.

Follow the below five tips to get active again and maintain a routine.

1. Consider the Options

Nobody wants to continue a workout routine that they do not like. Gather some information on potential workout activities and determine what you like best. Exercise works best if it is done regularly so after you have decided what it is you are interested in go after it!

2. Workout Solo or with a Class?

Some individuals may also have a preference in terms of who they work out with. If you like to workout alone then a gym with flexible operating hours may be key. If you are more into group fitness such as yoga, pilates or Zumba classes, look for some group fitness classes that fit into your schedule.

3. Start Slow

Working out like you’re a seasoned vet can when you are making a workout comeback can result in more harm than good. Overdoing it can result in injury or it can make you sore for days on end resulting in your reluctance to work out ever again. Start slow to avoid getting injured and don’t be embarrassed to begin with light weights. If you really want to safeguard yourself and make a strong comeback, consider enlisting the help of a personal trainer for a few sessions to help you identify your limitations and help you transition adequately.

4. Goal Setting is Important

When you are getting back into a workout routine try to make specific goals as to the routine you will follow. When you plan for your exercise routine you are making it a priority in your life, rather than an activity to take part in when you have time. Set attainable short-term and long-term goals so that you have milestones in which to measure your progress.

5. Know the Basics

A well-rounded workout routine involves: warm-up, flexibility, cardio, resistance/strength training and cool down. Try to include these in your weekly activities to get the best results.

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