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10 Fitness Tracking Tips to get Your Steps in Today

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fitness tracking tips

Fitness professionals and trainers recommend that individuals take an estimated 10k steps daily, which roughly equates to a distance of five miles. The key to achieving 10,000-steps is to find ways to walk throughout the day, which can help to chip-away at your daily goal.

Here are ten tips and suggestions for helping you get a few extra steps in:

  1. Go up one flight. Go up an extra level or floor when heading upstairs or to an office or a meeting. This means you will have to walk down one level to reach your destination, giving you at least another 12-steps each trip.
  2. Head out for coffee. During your coffee break, opt to run down the block to a coffee shop instead of making the shorter trip into the break-room for your refreshments. Or, take your cup and head outside, across the parking lot which will add a few more steps to your daily tally.
  3. Park off-site. Skip the limited, often crowded on-site parking and park your car a little further away. Better yet, get someone to drop you at work and walk home; it’s a great time to decompress and de-stress after a long day.
  4. Take your dog around the block. One city block equals around 200 steps; ten city blocks equal roughly a mile. Grab your canine companion and do a quick jaunt around the block. It is good for the both of you!
  5. Go a little further. When nature calls, use the bathroom on another floor at work or during school. If you have bathrooms on each level of your home, make yourself go upstairs or downstairs to use the facility and to get a few extra steps in.
  6. Stroll the store before shopping. When you go grocery shopping, walk the perimeter of the store before going to the aisles to pick up the items you want to buy. It is not difficult to rack-up the steps in a large, expansive grocery store or market.
  7. Skip the remote control. Leave the remote near the TV and get up and cross the room to change the channel. Your daily goal of 10k is roughly equivalent to 5280 feet; if you sit five to six-feet from your television, you will garner an extra ten steps or more each time you want to adjust the TV or change the station.
  8. Head for your favorite mall. Hit the mall after work and walk briskly from end-to-end, while you peruse and window-shop. This is also a great activity early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, before crowds make it more difficult to step, walk, and browse.
  9. Schedule “walk-meetings.” Arrange one of your regular appointments or staff meetings outside, during a walk. Encourage coworkers to go on a brisk work to discuss something work-related; you will both return to the office feeling invigorated!
  10. Walk some laps. Attending a game or after-school function? Use the time to walk laps around the field or gym.

The benefits from getting your steps in are lower body-mass index (BMI), decreased blood-pressure, and an improved mood; it can also be an effective way to lose or control weight. Strap-on your pedometer and get stepping! Use these tips to get your steps-in daily, while making progress toward your longer-term health and fitness goals.