fitness routine

Sticking to your fitness routine during the holidays

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fitness routine

The best thing that you can do for yourself as the new year approaches is to remain vigilant to your health and fitness during the holiday season. Treat yourself gently, and forgive yourself of splurges, but keep your eye on maintaining the progress that you have already made toward your training goals.

Some tips to help you stick to your fitness regimen are:

Treat yourself. It is the holidays, so treat yourself to something new that facilitates or fosters your health and fitness goals. For instance, invest in some cool, outdoor apparel to keep you toasty-warm while you jog or walk. Buy a rowing machine for your den or family room. Try out a new gym with an introductory membership– you deserve it!

Keep things fresh. Don’t let boredom derail your work-outs during the holidays- or any time of the year! Periodically, shake things up with something completely unexpected; during the holiday season, consider engaging in new winter activities that could pique your curiosity and keep you moving. Some wildly fun and fantastic sports to try include snow-kayaking, curling, and snow-kiting.

Get your Zzz’s. Even though you may be on vacation, set your alarm and stay on your regular schedule. This will make you feel more energized and less-fatigued when it comes time to go back to the daily grind, plus it ensures that you get your rest by maintaining your normal sleep hygiene.

Squeeze fitness in. If you are worried about your fitness regimen or if you need to skip the gym today, get activity in where you can. For example, park further away, walk to work, and take the stairs to keep moving and stay on top of your fitness goals. Ask Santa for a stepper so that you can track your steps throughout the day; keep in mind that a mile equals around 2,000 steps.

Your body is your temple. It is a lot easier to get up and go to the gym when you aren’t hung-over from the night before. Try to avoid overindulging in alcohol or food, which will make you feel lethargic, tired, and even ill, later. Enjoy the bounty of the season, but keep it in moderation. Remember that your body is a temple; treat it gently and with kindness.

Start something new. Come up with some new healthy traditions that you can get the whole family in-on. For instance, start taking a moonlit walk on Christmas Eve, or a stroll around the neighborhood to see the lights. Take the kids sledding first thing Christmas day or as a New Year’s Eve activity before heading to parties and revelry.

Use the holidays as a time to get even more exercise as well as to evaluate your current lifestyle and prioritize your health. With the goodies and treats of the season, moving more is essential to prevent weight gain or to compromise progress toward your health goals. If you do slip-up or over-indulge, get back on track swiftly and get moving- literally! Work up a sweat and get over it; after all, the holidays only come once a year!