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Eight Exciting Pieces of Exercise Equipment To Try

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Put some pizzazz in your workouts with new and exciting exercise equipment. Hit the gym and keep an eye out for some of the machines and items that seem most in-line with what you are trying to achieve. Visit exercise equipment retailers for at-home variations that will bring some punch to your daily routine.

Eight exciting pieces of equipment worth a try at your gym are:

1Multiple-grip pull-up bar.

Pull-ups have long been the marker for success when training and working on upper-body strength. A multiple-grip pull-up bar creates endless opportunities to train specific muscle groups with ease. These devices allow you to vary your grip, as well as work on legs, back, and core-muscle groups easily.

2. Balance boards.

While balance boards are nothing new, a spring-based balance board can really challenge you while building your flexibility and balance simultaneously. These new and improved boards are perfect for working on core-body strength, and could help prevent falls and injuries as you age.

3. A rope-trainer.

Rope-training is often used in the gym environment as an intriguing way to work the upper-body and back muscles in a way that resembles boot-camp training of sorts. Imagine being able to do this in your own home or at the gym without assistance; a rope-trainer resembles an elliptical but with hanging ropes that replicate the in-gym practice.

4. An inversion table.

An inversion table does far more than build core-strength, it can also help you retain flexibility, relieve pain, and maintain posture as you age. These tables are being seen more widely in home versions, which replicate the ones found at spas and gyms widely.

5. Adjustable dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells are a revolutionary way to increase strength without the investment and clutter of an assortment of hand-weights. These are clever, and provide a workout solution that fits any user, and that will evolve with you as you increase your upper-body strength.

6. A ski-machine.

If the thing you miss most about winter is the skiing, it is time to invest in a ski-machine. These clever devices recreate the all-over workout of skiing, involving the arms, back, and leg muscle-groups, while getting in your cardio at the same time. Try out the ski-machine at the gym to determine if it makes sense to invest in your own.

7. An elliptical bicycle.

The new elliptical bicycle is definitely exciting, and it involves taking the benefits of an elliptical into the great outdoors. Get your all-over workout while pedaling to the gym, the beach, or anyplace that you may normally bike. These are a newly emerging technology, so read reviews to garner a sense of the best products to buy and try one at the gym to determine how it can enhance your workout.

8. The medicine ball.

A medicine ball may not seem like an exciting exercise workout, but it is a very effective way at building core body-strength that has been around since the late 1800s. The compact size and relative cost of these has kept it the medicine ball popular today, though there continue to be augmentations to the basic ball that make it viable in today’s competitive market.

Check out the latest and greatest exercise equipment at your gym to amp- up your training routine. Visit retailers to try out and experience these eight exercise essentials, or look for these devices at your gym.