Cool Down

The Benefits of a Cool Down After Working Out

Big Al's Workout Advice

It is important to take time to cool down after training, in order to prevent injury and optimize your workout. This can involve some light cardio followed by static stretching, typically for at least ten minutes or so. Not only does this give you the chance to catch your breath and ‘cool-down’, but there are also significant physical benefits that warrant making time to cool-down.

Restore your body’s rates and rhythms.

Just as you take time to warm-up before you train, you need to make the effort to cool-down, as well. This gives your body, heart-rate, and blood-pressure a chance to resume the normal rhythms, gradually and gently. This may also prevent feelings of dizziness or nausea that can accompany extremely intense workouts.

Get rid of lactic acid.

If you want to stop feeling sore the next day during training, make cooling-down a priority. This gives the body a chance to flush lactic acid away from your muscles and out of the body swiftly. When this waste is not disposed of, you will be left feeling tired, sore, and uncomfortable the day after.

Increase your overall flexibility.

Engaging in some static stretching during a workout can increase and improve your overall flexibility. Don’t miss out on this chance to further condition your body.

Get blood pumping back to the heart.

Rigorous training requires that blood is pumped from the heart to the legs, and a cool-down provides the opportunity for blood to be properly pumped back to the heart, after. Failure to do this, such as immediately ceasing activity without a cool-down, can result in feeling lightheaded or even fainting.

Prime muscles for the next workout.

There are some trainers that believe that a cool-down helps to prep your muscles for continued training, and the next workout. In addition to removing lactic acid gently away from your body, you will feel stronger and more comfortable after, which can help with stamina and motivation for continued training and progress toward fitness goals.

Get the most from your training and prevent injury by taking time for an adequate cool-down after your workout. Slow down a rigorous routine with some light cardiovascular activity, such as a slow jog or brisk walk, and do some static stretching to resume blood circulation from the legs to the heart. Consistent cool-downs after your workout will improve your flexibility, better-prepare your muscles, and leave you feeling less sore after rigorous regimens.