MMA & Boxing


Big Al’s Family Fitness offers boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) workout facilities in Amityville that are designed to help fitness enthusiasts or the seasoned boxer achieve ideal results. We have a dedicated boxing facility that contains a ring, punching and speed bags and workout equipment designed to help develop your boxing and fighting skills.

At Big Al’s boxing gym you can work to develop your focus, coordination, power, speed and endurance—all characteristics of a great boxer. Whether you are looking to develop a power punch, the precision punch, lightning hands or just want to get focused on some self-defense skills, Big Al’s is the place to go.

Common Boxing Workouts

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Boxing and MMA workouts aren’t all about striking a bag or getting ready for title bouts; most boxers will tell you that boxing workouts are amongst the most challenging and rewarding you can engage in. In addition to warm-up, cool-down, core, and cardio workouts you can also focus on interval training and punching and footwork techniques. These workouts are high intensity and are designed to condition the entire body while building confidence. Here are just of few of the more common boxing exercises you can experience at our gym:

  • Jumping rope
  • Shadow boxing
  • Heavy bag
  • Speed bag
  • Sparring
  • Weight training
  • Running

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Boxing Equipment

Big Al’s supplies a majority of the workout equipment but boxers will be expected to bring their own personal supplies. Most of the equipment you will want to purchase is for your own safety and includes the following:

  • Handwraps- these wrap around the hands to protect the bones in the hands.
  • Gloves- boxing gloves also protect the hands from injury
  • Mouthpiece- mouth and teeth protection is a must if you plan on doing any sparring
  • Headgear- headgear  protects the head and helps prevent cuts
  • Cups- these are used to protect the groin

Boxing and MMA Classes

Big Al’s currently does not provide boxing or MMA group fitness classes but members are permitted to use the facilities as needed. Some of our personal trainers are well versed in self-defense so if you were interested in getting some one-on-one training that would be the way to go. We do however offer an Extreme Box class and a kickboxing with bags class as part of our Diamond Program.