Bodybuilding mistakes

The 5 Most Common Bodybuilding Mistakes

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Have you been doing bodybuilding training for weeks without seeing any noticeable gain? You may be making one these five rookie mistakes. Mistake 1: An Inconsistent Workout Program Many people fall into the “keep your body guessing” trap. They believe …

Swimsuit Body

7 Steps to Your Swimsuit Body

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Now is the time to start getting ready for swimsuit season and working on a rocking swiimsuit body- especially if you want to look and feel your best! Make slow, steady strides toward increasing activity, strength training, and eating cleanly …

Fusion workouts

The Benefits of Fusion workouts

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If you want to get more bang from your workout, consider kicking things up by adding another discipline to your routine. Trainers and trainees agree that fusion fitness is all the rage right now, and that it may be the …