Best Group Training Classes Based on Cardio, Strength and Flexibility Goals

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Best Group Training Classes

You already know today’s group training classes are nothing like the one’s of yesteryear. You know, the one’s with a quirky Richard Simmons leading the pack and a bunch of big-haired followers with leotards jumping around having the time of their lives?

Today’s group fitness classes are much different and have many positives that include:

  • Money-savings over one-on-one personal training sessions
  • The meeting of other like-minded fitness enthusiasts
  • A wide variety of exercises and concentrations

How to Choose the Right Group Fitness Class

At Big Al’s alone, we have over 30 group fitness classes that range from exciting aerobics classes to fun, dance-inspired Zumba classes. But deciding on the right group fitness class for you can be like trying to get your kids to decide on which cereal they want at the grocery store.

That’s why we’re here to tell you that the best place to start is by analyzing your fitness goals. Ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve most out of my group fitness classes?” Once you provide yourself with an honest answer you can begin to narrow down the classes that are right for you.

“But what if I choose the wrong class” you ask? Then join a different one! There are so many different types of group fitness classes to choose from – all of them designed to be good for your health – that if you end up in a class that isn’t a good fit you can try another one.

Choosing a Group Fitness Class Based on Cardio, Strength and Flexibility Goals

Now that you have an idea of what your fitness goals are – be it weight loss, fat burning, strength gains, muscle gains, or the like – you can place them nicely into one of these three categories: cardio, strength or flexibility.


Cardio classes are designed to get your heart rate up, improve your blood circulation, burn fat and increase your endurance. If you are new to exercise or fit into that “I just want to get in better shape” classification, cardio classes are a good place to start.

This is not to say that cardio classes are not for more seasoned athletes, they are, they just are a great place to work on cardiovascular health, something that the American Heart Association recommends we get 150 minutes a week of.

Recommended Cardio Classes:


Who doesn’t want to look and feel a little bit stronger? For those individuals that want to increase their strength and improve performance in specific areas, strength training classes are going to be your best group fitness option.

Keep in mind that strength training does not have to mean getting huge muscles; weight training is actually recommended for anyone regardless of age or gender.

Recommended Strength Training Classes:


Flexibility classes are also great for people of any age or gender. These classes move a bit more slowly than the others and combine movements that are highly controlled with a focus on form.

Recommended Flexibility Classes:

Combining Group Fitness Classes for Maximum Effectiveness

As you may have noticed, there were a few classes that were in two categories. That’s because some group fitness classes actually work on different areas simultaneously. Whatever group fitness class you choose, keep in mind that it is important to build cardiovascular strength, muscular strength and improve flexibility to have a proper functioning body and to improve gains across the board.

If you are in the Amityville or Westbury areas, stop by Big Al’s Family Fitness and pick up a group fitness schedule to see which classes work with your schedule.