Bodybuilding mistakes

The 5 Most Common Bodybuilding Mistakes

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Bodybuilding mistakesHave you been doing bodybuilding training for weeks without seeing any noticeable gain? You may be making one these five rookie mistakes.

Mistake 1: An Inconsistent Workout Program

Many people fall into the “keep your body guessing” trap. They believe that they must change the workout routine often to shock the muscles. As it turns out, this is one of the worst things you can do.

Those who succeed and get enviable results know that they only need to do two things:

  1. Pick a workout routine designed for your needs
  2. Stick to it for at least two months.

Most people fail at building muscle because they grow impatient. They key is consistency.

Building muscle takes strategy, focus and discipline. Programs with heavy lifting and compound movements work best. Aim to gradual increase your weights and do more repetitions. Looking to create an effective gym workout? We’ve got you covered.

Mistake 2: Going It Alone

When learning a new skill, you need some sort of coach or trainer to show you the ropes.

Bodybuilding is no different.

If you’re a newbie, or if you’re not seeing the results you want, save yourself months of frustration and find a good coach or training partner to teach you a thing or two.

Not only will you learn how to do things properly, you will have someone pushing you to go to the gym more consistently.

Know someone in the gym who is body goals? Reach out to them and ask their advice. Find out their good workout habits and maybe see if they need a training partner.

smoothiesMistake 3: Not Eating Enough

The logic is simple: if you want to gain mass, you must increase the amount of food you eat. Not just any foods. Unhealthy, fatty, fast foods will do you a disservice. We’re talking healthy, high protein, high calorie, quality food.

There are a number of calorie and protein calculators which can help you determine the optimal calorie and protein intake for your weight and fitness goals.

Eating frequently is a great way to pack on the calories. We recommend a minimum of 6 quality meals each day based on your optimal calorie/protein intake.

In the Long Island area? Check out the Good EATS Meal Plans “Build” program to get a diet made specifically for you.

Mistake 4: Taking Too Many Supplements

Taking supplements is a great way to help you fill in the gaps of your diet and get more from your gym workouts. But there is a reason they are called supplements. They are meant to enhance the work you’re already doing with a proper diet. No amount of supplements will make a difference if you’re not eating properly or working hard.

Most people make the mistake of spending way too much money on overhyped supplements when really all they need is the basics such as fish oil, protein and creatine.  

Mistake 5: Over-Exercising

Too much of a good thing can work against you in the long run. When it comes to exercising, this is definitely the case. The “more is better” philosophy that has come to define bodybuilding regimens is not only unhealthy, it can actually hurt you.

Your muscles need time to rebuild after the fibers have been torn during strenuous exercise. We accomplish this recovery by eating properly, staying hydrated, taking a supplement, stretching and sleeping.

If you don’t give yourself enough time to rest, you not only get in the way of your own growth, you make yourself more susceptible to injury and unnecessary pain.