10 signs you’re obsessed with weight training

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Think you might be obsessed with your weight training regimen? There is nothing wrong with having zeal and enthusiasm for building your body. In fact, the progress that you see and the differences in your physique may be motivating and inspiring you toward new goals. Consistent attention to fitness through weight training may lead to the desire to do more and strive higher. What’s wrong with that?

Ten signs that you could be obsessed with your weight training regime include these:

  1. You always have food on you.

If you are in training, chances are good that you are never caught without a healthy, high-protein snack. This might include nuts, seeds, or yogurt.

  1. Your blender is your favorite gadget.

Serious athletes and weight-trainers use their household blender to create the nutritious, high-protein smoothies that keep their energy up while contributing toward building lean muscle mass.

  1. You look forward to leg day.

You may be obsessed if you don’t dread leg day, often a thorn in the side of many weight trainers and athletes. Good for you!

  1. You are excited to go to the beach.

If you are obsessed with your training, you don’t mind showing off your achievements from time to time. You look for chances to go shirtless and don those amazing abs, and this includes the beach or pool.

  1. You have a full locker at the gym.

You are not one of those members that keep a simple pair of shorts and a speed-stick in your gym locker. You typically have workout attire, a change of clothes, snacks, hygiene products, an mp3 player – in other words, a lot, in your gym locker.

  1. You don’t go anywhere without your gym bag.

Male or female, those that are obsessed with their training don’t go anywhere without their bag. It might contain their workout gear, music, and supplements that they need to maintain their physique and reach fitness goals.

  1. You enjoy your selfies.

You want to see the progress that you are making, right? What better way than with a selfie. Checking out ‘before and after’ selfies is an excellent way to track progress toward your training goals.

  1. You find something to lift wherever you go.

If you truly are obsessed, you never miss out on an opportunity to work-out and flex those muscles. This may even include shopping, lifting whatever you can; the heavier the better.

  1. You are constantly reading labels.

If you find yourself constantly looking for protein in your foods and reading every label, you could be obsessed with your training. You know that protein is the building block for muscle. Keep eating those amino acids!

  1. Your house is full of supplements and vitamins.

If you open your medicine chest and it is full of vitamins and supplements, you might be serious about your training regime. However, if you have dedicated a shelf or cabinet to your pills and powders, than you could be obsessed!

So, you’re obsessed with your workouts. There are far worse things to focus on. Know that through consistent training, restorative rest between workouts, and the right diet can carve a body that inspires those around you.